This is how Virtual Reality works for driving schools

Step by step



Book our license to access the platform. Here you can determine which teachers and students can use the platform.

Order the glasses

We help you to deliver the right VR glasses. If you need a special branding for the glasses, we can also help you design and logistics.


We've already created detailed video tutorials that you can access anytime. Nonetheless, we offer you a 2-hour formation so you can get to know all the features.

Preparation of the class

In order to offer your students an all-round perfect experience, we recommend that you prepare the classes in advance. Create lessons and personalized questions per location.


Now the time has come. Your students enter the room and start the School Go! app to attend the virtual class. You will be able to see in real time if all students are logged in correctly and off you go!


Be open to new technologies

You don’t have to be a technical expert because the platform is intuitive, yet you should be open to this new technology.

Virtual Reality

Every student needs a VR glass, which he connects to his own smartphone. We help you to get the right glasses.

A projector
in the classroom

To complete the students’ experience, you need a projector to guide and accompany the class.

A computer
or laptop

From here, you control the content that you send in real time to all VR glasses. You have complete control at all times.

Strong Wi-Fi
in the classroom

We recommend giving your students Wi-Fi access so they do not spend their monthly smartphone data.


You choose the quality and quantity of your VR classes, which is why we recommend strong personal motivation.

Students can gain their first valuable experience between practical and theoretical driving lessons.

Toni BernalDriving instructor at RACC

What do the students see in the glasses?

360° images in Google Street View

In colaboration with the official Google license, we’ve been able to develop a platform that allows teachers to select all positions in Google Street View and send them in real time to the VR-glasses. Students can then view the 360° images individually in all directions while explaining the current traffic position.

Custom 360° videos

You can also record your own images and videos with a 180º or 360º camera like the GoPro Max and upload your material to the plattform.

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