Virtual Reality will highly improve your theoretical lessons


Google Street View images

Use the massive database of 360º images from all around the country provided by Google Street View. You can take your students on a virtual tour and teach them with real life images. Learning with fun will improve their learning curve and results.

360º videos

Record and upload your own images and videos with a 180º or 360º camera like the GoPro Max. With videos you can improve your lessons and show your students more complex traffic situations.

Check out a sample video

Other features

Create personalized lessons

Save multiple positions to create topic-specific lessons. Example: Main traffic points for the exam.


Prepare individual questions for all locations that students can then answer directly with the VR glasses.

per student

Learn which students answered the questions correctly or incorrectly to actively support specific learning content.

Several classes
at the same time

With our platform, several teachers can manage different classes simultaneously.

Share your

You can always share your finished lessons with other teachers or import their lessons.

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Upcoming features

3D simulations

With the help of the 3D simulations, you can easily and quickly replicate different traffic situations to show the results to the students in real time.


We want to integrate new features with gamification to see who is the best and motivate the students even more.

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